Welcome to Wayamba Compost Fertilizer Company

We are a leading provider of high-quality organic fertilizers made from composted materials. Our mission is to help farmers, gardeners, and landscapers improve soil health, increase crop yields, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Our composting process involves carefully selecting and mixing organic materials such as chicken layer manure ,goat and cow manure, gilidisiriya, wal sooriya kantha, banana stem, salvinia, japan jabara,grass, ERP, Cow urine. These materials are then placed in a controlled environment where they are broken down by microorganisms into nutrient-rich compost.

We take pride in the fact that our compost fertilizer is 100% organic and free from harmful chemicals. It is a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers that can have negative impacts on the environment and human health. Wayamba compost is always tested to make sure the parameters are under SLS standards.

We believe that healthy soil is the foundation for healthy plants and a healthy planet. That’s why we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible compost fertilizer products and services to support their sustainable agriculture and gardening practices.

Thank you for considering Wayamba compost Fertilizer Company for your soil amendment needs. We look forward to working with you.

Products of Wayamba Compost

Cow Dung
Goat Manure
Coco Dust
Coco Chips
Organic Compost (2Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg, 40Kg)

Organic compost made by piling organic materials for a three months period of time, process is done extremely carful to minimize the soil percentage.  Final product will be sieved and packed according to customer requirement.

Can be applied to any type of agricultural farming.

Granular Compost (1Kg, 2Kg)

Organic compost in granular form, this will release the nutrients to plants slowly and prevent washing away during high rain.

Coconut Fertilizer (20Kg)

This is a hybrid fertilizer specially mad for coconut plants, coconut plants require potassium, therefor MOP chemical fertilizer mixed with our own compost have shown very good results. These will be made in special orders.

Sarupasa ( 5Kg, 10Kg)

Mixture of organic compost and soil, this is ideal for pot planting.

Our Factory Complex

Wayamba Compost Fertilizer Company is a Sri Lankan-based business that specializes in producing organic compost fertilizer for agricultural use. The company collects waste from various sources such as households, hotels, and markets and converts it into high-quality compost fertilizer using advanced technology. Their products are known for being eco-friendly and promoting sustainable agriculture.


We are proud to have received our organic compost fertilizer manufacturing certification, showcasing our dedication to producing premium, eco-friendly products that meet strict organic agriculture requirements and industry standards.


We were awarded for providing the best quality organic agricultural products and fertilizer to the nation for a sustainable future.